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Powerful applications need powerful data. But it isn't always easy to find data resources you need. Tofler's unified global ontology and heavily cross-linked data universe means discovering more and relevant data is a spontaneous process.

Explore the data domains available in the Tofler Marketplace.

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No more struggling with different APIs and technical specs. No wasted effort trying to normalize or cross-reference data across data sets. And no more dealing with multitude of vendor agreements, payment schedules, etc. You deal with one data vendor, one technical platform.

Learn how to quickly start pulling data from the Tofler Marketplace into your application

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You may not think of yourself as a data services company. But odds are, your business still generates data that could be valueable to others. With Tofler, monetize those data assets without effort. With our EasyGo technology, making your data available in the marketplace can be as easy as exporting a spreadsheet.

Find out which other companies are monetizing their data assets and how

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While big data technologies are helping you leverage your organization's data, the data can become immensely more powerful by being augmented by data from outside your organization. Tofler's EasyEnterprise platform lets you turbo-charge your data for enhanced returns.

Learn how organizations are leveraging external data to drive productivity gains

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